Unity Quilting Bee Contest

For the past 30 years we have united Alaskans affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders all across the State. Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska would like to celebrate our diversity while uniting for a common cause. We are pleased to extend a State-wide invitation to join in the construction of a Unity Quilt. We ask Alaskans affected by Alzheimer’s disease to submit a 12×12 inch squares representing the different cultures and ways of life across Alaska. Persons whose squares are selected for inclusion in the quilt will receive a poster of the completed Unity Quilt. The Unity Quilt will be unveiled in Anchorage on November 12th at the Vision To Reality Conference .


1. Submit your design on a 12×12 inch cotton cloth square. Leave 1/4 inch Borders on all sides.

2. Include your Name and Contact information

3. Designs should be representative of your uniquely Alaskan way of life. Open to ALL AGES.

4. Submission Dates: 7/14/14 – 12/16/14.

5. Squares become the property of the Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska and your submission is a release for Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska to use your design as we see fit. Squares not chosen will be returned to the originator. Squares should be mailed to: 1750 Abbot Road, Anchorage AK 99507

6. Individuals chosen for inclusion will be notified on and prize poster will be sent by 1/9/15.

The Center Quilt Square is in! Thanks to Jonell Snook-Holmes