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Rock Painting

Rock Painting

Supplies needed:
Rock – clean and dry
Acrylic paint – various colors
Silicone (Find at Home Depot)
Clear gloss spray paint – quick drying
Disposable aluminum tray
Paper cup


  1. Place rock or rocks in the aluminum tray (rather messy project)
  2. Layer your acrylic paint in the paper cup
  3. Drop 2 to 3 drops of silicone on top of the paint
  4. Stir slightly with a tooth pick
  5. Form a pouring spout on the paper cup
  6. Slowly pour the paint over the rock
  7. After the paint dries – spray with the clear gloss spray paint
  8. Write a message on the bottom of the rock with a black permanent marker
  9. Share your special rock with a friend