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‘A Rinsing of the Brain.’ New Research Shows How Sleep Could Ward Off Alzheimer’

This is an excerpt from https://time.com/5876612/sleep-alzheimers-disease-2/BY ALICE PARK  UPDATED: AUGUST 6, 2020 6:38 AM EDT | ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: AUGUST 6, 2020 6:38 AM EDT

Each of us carts around a 3-lb. universe that orchestrates everything we do: directing our conscious actions of moving, thinking and sensing, while also managing body functions we take for granted, like breathing, keeping our hearts beating and digesting […]

A long-awaited blood test for Alzheimer’s is in reach, scientists say. It could speed up treatment research and aid in diagnosing dementia patients.

BREAKING NEWS Tuesday, July 28, 2020 12:45 PM EST

Scientists reported on Tuesday the development of a blood test for Alzheimer’s that diagnosed Alzheimer’s as accurately as methods that are far more expensive or invasive. Such a test could be available for clinical use in as little as two to three years, the researchers and other experts estimated.

Read the […]

Longevity Gene May Protect against a Notorious Alzheimer’s Risk Gene

Some nominally high-risk individuals may have a lower chance of developing dementia than once thought

Illustration of amyloid plaques on a nerve cell. Credit: Getty Images

Consumer genetic tests can sometimes result in a terrible surprise appearing in the same report that divulges whether one has a cilantro aversion or wet or dry earwax. Test takers may receive the devastating news that they […]