📆 Promo Planning & Production

Education Team plans classes and events quarterly. Each Education Specialist (8 of them) sends requests for promotional material to Comm assistant.

Resource page for education specialists:
https://www.alzalaska.org/promo/ [manage it here]Promo Planning Excel file can be managed 

here. Update this as needed to ensure descriptions are current and class offerings are present. Keep this as simple as possible for Education Team to utilize.

Once Comm Assistant receives requests, create flyers and social media images in InDesign and PS. Once they are created send them to the respective Education Specialists to look over for accuracy.

Once they’ve been approved by the person who requested them use MS Planner through Teams or here for the approval process with Education Director and Development & Communications director.

As changes are made to class descriptions, ensure they are also captured on the Promo Request Spreadsheet so that we use the appropriate verbiage next time.

Additional Resources:
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