Kamelia has 15 years of social service experience, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Healthcare Management from Colorado Technical University. She graduated with honors as Magna Cum Laude. Kamelia is a published author, dedicating her book to the victims of 9/11 and those deployed to Iraq in 2011. Passionate about her role, she focuses on people, ensuring they feel valued and appreciated.

Before joining our Care Coordination team, Kamelia worked in senior care and served individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her experience includes substance abuse and mental health care for both active-duty clients and civilians, providing trauma-informed care and mental health support. Kamelia has worked with ombudsmen, served as an individual counselor, and promoted a caring and safe treatment environment. Her primary goal was to help individuals in addictive, vulnerable, and traumatic states get a second chance at life and sobriety while rebuilding their families.

Kamelia is dedicated to advocating for and providing support to vulnerable individuals, empowering them despite their circumstances. She focuses on person-centered services, valuing face-to-face interaction and connecting with each client individually. Kamelia unique and energetic perspective brings knowledge and experience that benefits families and the overall group.

📞 907-561-3313   [ext 106] ✉ KPinnock@CCRAlaska.org