You might say Tessie grew up in this field.  Tessie had 2 Deaf grandparents and a Father who was both Deaf and the Pastor of a Deaf Church in Oregon, and California. This exposure to the field led to her first job as a Counselor at Deaf Camp at the age of 15. Since then, Tessie has done 15 years of Respite care, and 10 years as Direct care through various agencies in 2 states, Oregon and Alaska.

While in Oregon Tessie was an Advocate for people who experience disabilities, serving a bit of time, with SDS in Eugene, on several committees.

Since then, she has relocated to Alaska with her family.

In 2021 Tessie won the AADD DSP Lifetime Achievement Award.  She states that “People who accept jobs for the good that they do and not the pay they receive are my people”

Tessie continues to grow in this career field as a Care Coordinator at CCRA. She looks forward to sharing her joy at Alaska’s unique attributes.

📞 907-561-3313   [ext 103] ✉ tbodio@ccralaska.org