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Care Coordination Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I know if I need a Care Coordinator?

  • you are uncertain about what services are available to help you and your loved one
  • you don’t know how to access these services
  • you are overwhelmed when you attempt to identify what services might be available
  • Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska Care Coordinators know about resources available in our communities and have the expertise to access them.

If you would like more information on care coordination and how they might be of assistance, call Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska (ARA) and schedule a Care Coordination Consultation:

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What can a care coordinator do for me?

Care Coordinators are professionals who possess a complete and accurate knowledge of the ever changing landscape of community resources. They understand the eligibility requirements and payment options for home and community based services. They are able to assess your situation and, based on your decisions, develop a plan to meet your needs. Once that plan is in place, they will monitor the situation to ensure services are responsive.

In some situations a care coordinator provides monitoring and oversight of a loved one when the family lives out of town. Other clients may require assistance to access funding sources that will help pay for home and community support. ARA Care Coordinators do both as needed.

What services does Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska Coordinate?

After determining your and your loved one’s needs and wishes, a care coordinator facilitates the search for a provider who enables your loved one to live safely and comfortably within their own community for as long as possible. A provider might ensure some of the following services:

  • access to home-delivered meals,
  • transportation,
  • adult day services,
  • respite care,
  • housing options,
  • medical equipment and supplies,
  • financial and legal services,
  • personal care services,
  • household chores and
  • support groups.

I want to access the Home and Community Base Services Waiver (formerly known as CHOICE Medicaid Waiver program) do I need a care coordinator?

Yes. There are certain criteria you must meet to qualify for this for this program and the state requires you to use a care coordinator to apply. Contact your local office for details.

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