Take a proactive approach
          to your brain health

Memory screenings do not provide a diagnosis. They test your memory, language skills, learning and other cognitive abilities by asking a series of questions and having the participant perform a few problem-solving tasks. 

They are confidential and often less intimidating for those concerned with memory loss because they can be done without a complete doctor’s examination by a number of qualified professionals.

The screening administrator reviews the results with you and suggests whether you should follow up with more extensive testing and what your next steps should be.

Free, confidential memory screenings are available by appointment and administered at any of our office locations.

Memory screenings play a significant role in determining if you have a memory problem. They can serve as a baseline for people to use as a comparison later in life or as a first step in validating someone‘s concern with memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease.

Memory screenings can be done in person or via video call (Zoom).
Contact your local office to schedule an appointment, or use our online form to request one.

Memory screenings are easy, quick, and completely confidential.

Why Get a Memory Screening?

If you are aged 50 years or older, screening for memory or other cognitive impairment should be part of your yearly health regimen for a few important reasons, including:

  • Enabling you and your physician to take a proactive approach to your brain health
  • Taking the first step in educating yourself about brain health and memory


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