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Having the foundation and staying current on what is happening in the field of dementia care is imperative to both a person’s quality of life as well as the quality of your experiences working with them.  As service providers, we can inadvertently be the trigger that elicits a negative response, gaining tools and training can make us more effective and efficient when working with an individual with dementia or their family.


We offer:

  • Presentations
  • Group Trainings
  • Consultations


Savvy Professional

Savvy Professional is an interactive workshop designed for those in dementia care leadership roles. The training equips administrators, supervisors, nurses, social workers and attorneys to provide leadership, advocacy and mentoring to others who work with individuals and families affected by Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia (ADRD).  Savvy Professional is a one day, eight hour class that offers Continuing Education Credits to those who attend the entire class and pass a competency test at the end of the course.

Dementia Care Essentials (DCE)

DCE is specifically for direct care workers such as certified nursing assistants, workers in assisted living homes, personal care attendants, in-home workers and care coordinators. The course teaches the fundamentals of dementia, as well as practical skills such as communication techniques, activities planning and best practices in de-escalating difficult behaviors. DCE is a 10 hour class that takes place over the course of 5 weeks, two hours each week. This format allows participants to study and practice the skills learned each week and bring insights to the following class for further discussion.

Dementia Care Workshop

This workshop offers many of the same fundamentals as DCE but in a condensed four hour time frame. The format is designed to be used by larger facilities wanting to train a number of employees at once about the fundamentals of dementia and basic tools for working with individuals with ADRD. Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day centers and hospitals schedule this workshop in various locations throughout the state. C.E. credits are available for nurses.


Free confidential consultations are available for individuals, families and professionals to offer guidance in planning for the course of progressive dementia and other medical conditions. This is typically the first step in learning about what resources are available and other considerations you may need to plan for in the future.

Consultations can be held in-person or by phone. Contact your local office to schedule one today.

To register or find a class near you visit our calendar of events.