Support Groups

A way for caregivers to care for themselves while caring for others.
Caregiving can be a physically, emotionally and mentally draining job. The responsibilities and stresses build up over time and often leave a person feeling isolated, anxious, depressed, angry or overwhelmed. By connecting through support groups with others experiencing similar issues, you can begin to feel less isolated and more in control of your situation as well as get practical advice and share tips with others.

Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska was founded on the principle that people coming together to exchange ideas and offer support to one another can create a bond, strength and renewed hope to continue. We offer in-person and telephone caregiver support groups throughout the state. Please check our calendar for a current schedule or download a copy. For support group locations and times click here. If you are an individual experiencing early memory loss there may also be support programs in your area. Visit Mind Matters to find out if this program is right for you