Alaska Native Dementia Caregiver Study

This study is focused on the experiences and challenges faced by Alaska Native caregivers who are caring for people with memory problems or dementia. The study aims to gather information about the day-to-day experiences of Alaska Native caregivers and use it to make recommendations for better support and services.

  • The study is being conducted by a team of Alaska Native and non-Native researchers from the University of Minnesota and collaborating organizations.
  • Participants are invited to take part in-person, by phone, or via Zoom interviews
  • Interviews last 60 to 90 minutes and participants will receive a $60 Amazon gift card

Learning about challenging experiences related to dementia and people with memory issues within Alaska Native communities.

Why is this study being done? 

Alaska Native communities are seeing a rise in memory problems among their Elders. We want to learn about your experiences in giving care: What does giving care feel like for you? What kind of experiences do you have within your community? What have been your experiences with professionals (doctors, nurses, hospitals, and services)? We also want to learn how these experiences influence your well-being.

This study is being carried out by a team of Alaska Native and non-Native researchers from the University of Minnesota, in collaboration with the National Alzheimer’s Disease Resources Center for the Minority Aging Research and Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska. 

What happens in this study?

Alaska Native caregivers of a person with memory problems are invited to the interview. We can meet in person, talk over the phone, or use zoom. The visits will last 60 to 90 minutes, and caregivers will be given a $60 Amazon gift card as a thank-you for their time. During this time, the interviewer will ask several questions to learn about your day-to-day experiences at home, in the community, and when seeking services. 

What this study aims to achieve?

With the collected stories and information, we hope to learn how to improve these experiences by establishing recommendations to better serve and support Alaska Native caregivers.


If you are interested in participating or finding out more information about this study please contact Dr. Steffi Kim, Project Lead/Chief Investigator, at (602) 300-8935, or email

Questions can also be directed to Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska by calling 907-561-3313 from Anchorage or 1-800-478-1080 from outside Anchorage.