Care Coordination: Provides One Family Among Many with their “Posse”

Tiffany and “Jocie’s Posse” from Care Coordination of Alaska Provided Answers, Support and Encouragement.

The relationships that develop among Care Coordination clients, their care coordinator and their family members often can be deeply meaningful to all. That was the experience of the Boisvert family, whose daughter with special needs is served by our Juneau-based care coordinator, Tiffany Schneider.

Michael and Jeannie Boisvert are Jocelynn’s parents. “Jocie” has great advocates in them. As Michael noted, “

I am never at a loss for words. But when it comes to our daughter Jocie , it is so hard to put things down on paper. Maybe that’s why we are so lucky to have the great team at Care Coordination Resource of Alaska (CCRA) on our side.” 

“Truly, we are not just lucky to have them but blessed to have them as members of our team. We think of them as advocates for us and our daughter and as members of our family,” Michael wrote. “In the past three years, Tiffany (and before her others from CCRA) has been lifesaving and unconditionally supporting. They know how important our Jocie’s education is to me and my wife (I’m a former educator). They also know the issues the city and state create that can impede our forward movement and almost discourage us by slowing down our daughter’s progress.”  Working through these challenges and impediments requires careful navigation.

I do not mean to imply that they are directing us or steering the ship. Instead, they are there with ready answers, support and assistance…

CCRA delivers person-centered services informed by their deep understanding of the limitations of the various programs. That person-centeredness is described by Michael Boisvert very clearly, “

“I do not mean to imply that they are directing us or steering the ship. Instead, they are there with ready answers, support and assistance when it appears as if the seemingly overbearing powers of the school and school system are pushing us in a direction that is not in the best interest of our daughter’s education. Jocie’s special needs require a high level of knowledge about the workings of the public school system. We understand that my wife and I do not have the best nor the most up-to-date training to homeschool our daughter so we must look to the public school system for that support. Luckily we have people like Tiffany who have the experience to help when we have questions about the school system.”

Together, the CCRA team serves these goals. “This team that we have affectionately called “Jocie’s Posse” has not only stood by us but encouraged us,” Michael wrote.

“There are so many examples where my wife and I felt like we were looking at a spinning compass not knowing which direction to go, but when we asked Tiffany everything became clear and we were ‘rescued’. One of the latest was when the school/department wanted to ‘push’ Jocie into the sixth grade. We understand she is special needs but we also know that given instruction, training, and proper schooling she can show progress. An example being right now she cannot hold a pencil correctly, but one of her therapists at the hospital got her doing it within minutes two years ago….but because the school did not continue or reinforce this skill she “lost” the ability.”

“We knew from simple observation our daughter was nowhere near ready for sixth grade, and to be honest, not even 5th grade. But the school wanted to push her forward, almost as if they were rushing her out of the system. When we questioned this, Tiffany explained the policies and our potential courses of action to us and Jocie is thankfully still in the 5th grade.”

“I could go on and on, and believe me, I would, but there are almost too many examples of the times I or my wife have called Tiffany, wondering if our daughter is getting the proper instruction from school, or Direct Service Professional benefits outside of school, to count. We don’t want to look like we are complaining…and Tiffany confirms that we ARE not, but we are thankful she is there with answers, support and encouragement.”

The experience of the Boisvert family is not uncommon among CCRA clients, who range from Alaskans experiencing developmental disabilities to older Alaskans living with dementia. CCRA strives to assure that each client we support has a posse, just like Jocie.

Our thanks to Michael and Jeannie Boisvert, who shared their experience of CCRA services in support of their daughter who lives with special needs.