As a parent of a child who needs extra care, Amber has acquired the skills to advocate for and assist families on a very personal level. She strives to be a resource to those she works for and always listens to both the words that are said and the ones that aren’t.

Amber believes that family is an integral part of the team and attempts to give them a voice whenever she can. She has spent 16-years providing suggestions and assisting with accessing or changing services as well as linking people to grants and programs and much more.

Amber works primarily with Children with Complex Medical Conditions and people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. She is always open to learning from those she works with and willing to share her own personal experiences. Amber has an Associates of Applied Science degree and Bachelor of Health Science degree in Human Services with an emphasis on Family and Youth Services from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

📞 907-864-3411  [ext 411] ✉