A Day in the Life of a Caregiver

A Poem by Kathleen Neddeau

Kathleen Neddeau is a caregiver currently caring for someone living with dementia.

Not really feeling sorry for myself,

But maybe overwhelmed.

People don’t understand,

It’s not so much the physical as mental.

Let me tell you –

Meds, are there enough?

Fill the weekly containers,

Keep track of doctor visits,

Schedule a haircut and foot visit.

Not sleeping much.

But a guy has to eat and move around,

Needs stimulating arts and crafts,

And getting out.

Nancy comes and bathes him,

Oral care and incontinent care.

Meals to prepare,

Groceries to buy,

Keep track of car maintenance,

Fuel, oil, headlamp and filters,

Checkbook, pay rent, plus pick up and put away.

I’m sure there is more.

But then I need to take care of me

Shower, see car man, and take my meds,

See my doctor,

Flu shots for both of us,

And COVID booster coming up.

Birthdays to keep track of,

But I don’t do a very good job of that.

Taking care of little dog,

Out at least 3 times a day,

Freshwater, treats, and lots of loving.

Watching for changes constantly,

Swallowing, swelling of ankles, and rhythm changes. I’m exhausted! 

Our thanks to Kathleen, who shares her experience of caregiving for someone living with dementia.