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Children with Complex Medical Conditions

Our Care Coordinators believe in putting the individual at the center of all planning decisions. Working with the planning team they can assist with choosing the right path based on the individual’s wants and needs, adapting as the child grows.

For children with complex medical needs, there may be many service providers, and you may need a variety of supports to meet the needs of your child. CCRA Care Coordinators have a wealth of knowledge, helping you to navigate through the service system.

The waiver for Children with Complex Medical Conditions requires recipients to have Medicaid as determined through the Division of Public Assistance and meet Nursing Facility Level of Care.

For Individuals including those on Medicaid Waivers and some of the services that we can coordinate for you include:

  • Respite
  • Transportation
  • Environmental modification’s
  • Chore services
  • Meals
  • Specialized medical equipment and supplies
  • Day habilitation
  • Supported employment:
  • In-home supports
  • Nursing oversight

Request a consultation to see how we can assist you with your individual Care Coordination needs.