7 Strength, Balance, and Flexibility Exercises for Older Adults from Go4Life

This 14-minute video features 7 strength, flexibility, and balance exercises that older adults can perform in various places around the house using everyday materials. You’ll need a wall or other sturdy upright surface, two equally weighted objects like water bottles or weights, and a sturdy chair.


In this video, Go4Life fitness instructor Sandy Magrath has exercise sessions with a series of older adults. The brief sessions highlight upper and lower body exercises, a balance exercise, and stretching exercises.

Upper body strength exercises include the wall push-up, overhead arm raise, and the chair dip. Targeting the lower body, Sandy demonstrates how to perform the chair stand, and for the balancing exercise, she demonstrates how to stand on one foot. Stretching exercises include the backstretch (while sitting in a chair) and the hamstring stretch (while laying on the floor). To do the hamstring stretch, Sandy demonstrates how to use a chair to safely get down and back up from the floor.

The Go4Life campaign from the National Institute on Aging focuses on encouraging older adults to make exercise and physical activity a part of their daily life. Use the Go4Life Everyday Exercises to practice the four types of exercise that are important for older adults: strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance.